Bits & Bites – Sept. 12, 2014

It’s no secret that bacon has taken over the internet, but did you know clothing and home designers have also taken notice? In previous posts I’ve featured bacon toothpaste and bacon scented candles, but this week let’s talk about home design! Here are some of my favorite at-home bacon themed items. Enjoy!

Pig Bacon Wooden Cutout Wall Decor

Etsy Bacon Sign

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Apple & Bacon Quesadillas

There’s no better way to re-open a blog than by celebrating apple season in Western North Carolina! ‘Tis the season for the King Apple Parade, the Hendersonville apple festival, and apple pickings. If it’s not obvious….apples are a BIG deal here.

You’re missing out if you haven’t experienced the combination of apples and bacon. For breakfast I highly recommend the Apple Bacon German Pancake, one of my morning favorites, and for lunch or dinner, try this refreshing Apple & Bacon Quesadilla!

Apple Bacon Quesadillas

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All Roads Lead to Bacon

In my eyes you should never ask the question “Should I eat bacon?” That being said, many of you turn your back against bacon for a variety of reasons, such as…

  • You don’t want to gain weight
  • You’d prefer turkey bacon
  • You’re lying about preferring turkey bacon
  • You’re a vegetarian
  • You think it’s too greasy
  • You (fill in your own excuse)

If you’ve ever made the wrong choice (aka, not eating bacon), here is a fool-proof flowchart that will help you find your way to bacon heaven.

Bacon-Flow-ChartThis is not my own graphic, but you can see the creator in the bottom left corner, I like science, love is great, but don’t do LSD. Do bacon!


Apple Bacon German Pancake

Apple Bacon German Pancake As I continued testing recipes from 101 Things to Do with Bacon, the combination of apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, and bacon seemed too perfect for a morning brunch (not breakfast, because I hit the snooze button one too many times). Even better, my pantry was already well-stocked with ingredients, minus the Granny Smith apples. In just under 30 minutes, I fried bacon, mixed the batter, and slid breakfast into the oven. I wasn’t sure what to expect and about 10 minutes into baking the outer edges of the pancake drastically grew. I briefly thought the pan was overflowing. Continue reading