Bits & Bites: Comfort Food Edition

Ahhh, the winter. Freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and rain. Not exactly my favorite time of the year unless I’m skiing in Colorado. If I could spend all winter skiing, count me in! Otherwise, you’ll find me dreaming of beaches and hoping for warm weather days.

The gloomy days have me yearning for a warm fire, a few fiction books and an assortment of comfort foods. I assume many of you are feeling the same way in some form or another, so here are my top bacon-themed comfort foods to fill your bellies!

Tortellini Carbonara


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Bits & Bites: Tocina en la México

Happy 2015 everyone! I am so excited for this year and it has truly kicked off with a bang! Matt and I rang in the New Year with very close friends in Colorado and then flew to Mexico to relax, read, and sleep the day away. I’m currently in heaven barefoot, listening to the ocean, and blogging. I wish this was my every day life!


I also shared some exciting news on the Bacon Bites Facebook page just before the New Year. In case you missed it, Matt and I are expecting our first kiddo in July! Since I’m out of the first trimester woods my energy is stabilizing and I am thrilled to be blogging again. We are so excited and the next six months will be an amazing ride.

So why did we come to Mexico? Well, it seems like an “ah, duh question.” Sunshine, beach, delicious tacos, and…. to visit my mom! She moved north of Puerto Vallarta in 2006, opened her own business, and has been living in paradise ever since. It’s been two years since I visited and this may be the last time before she’s a Grandma, or, if you prefer, Abuela in Spanish.

When I visit my mom there are a few traditions that we have:

  • Tailgating at the airport. Don’t ask why…. just imagine getting off a long flight, blasting Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi, drinking a beer, and eating guacamole before ever leaving the parking lot. We may get strange looks, but who cares! (Of course, this trip I opted out of the cerveza’s and enjoyed the snacks.)
  • Hosting a group of friends. It’s no secret that I love cooking and hosting friends. I am my mother’s daughter after all! There are so many of my mom’s friends that I want to see when I visit, so we like to invite a small number of amigos to the house for drinks, food, and music.

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Maple, Sriracha, and Bacon Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween is over, but pumpkin fever is still holding strong. My mouth is watering at the thought of delicious pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving! But before moving too far forward, I must acknowledge an unfulfilled promise that I made in October regarding a pumpkin seed recipe. I even posted a picture of fresh pumpkin seeds on Facebook to tease all of you. That was Oct. 14… tick tock…

Bacon and Maple Pumpkin Seeds

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Bits & Bites: Bacon & Basil Edition

Matt and I recently purchased a new home and my favorite room in the house is the sunroom. I have thoroughly enjoyed brisk evenings cuddling in a blanket, sipping a cup of tea, listening to the cicada’s, and becoming lost in my thoughts.

Aside from indulging in quiet moments, I’ve also given herb gardening a try in the sunroom. So far I’ve started with a trusty basil plant courtesy of my mother (thanks mom!) and I’m happy to say, it hasn’t died yet!

Basil Plant

As you can tell, I have a ton of basil leaves and I need new recipes to take advantage of them. Below are a few bacon and basil recipes I’m eager to try!

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Bits & Bites – Halloween Edition

Bacon PumpkinI’m so excited for Halloween! In my opinion, nothing is more fun than inviting friends over for a spooky night of movies. It’s always my luck that a trick-or-treater rings the door bell just as the movie is chest-deep in suspense. I jump three feet in the air!

Halloween is, frankly, the only night of the year where I even tolerate scary movies. I’m a chicken at heart, which all began in college…

My roommate Alison and I took the plunge to see the spookiest Halloween movie in 2005: The Exorcism of Emily Rose. That night I crawled into bed, drifted to sleep. A few hours into dreaming I woke up. I couldn’t move. My breathing slowed and became shallow. My eyes darted around the room for any sign of movement. I took a deep breath and reached for my cell phone to check the time. It was just after 3:00 a.m. Oh no..

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