Bits & Bites: Tocina en la México

Happy 2015 everyone! I am so excited for this year and it has truly kicked off with a bang! Matt and I rang in the New Year with very close friends in Colorado and then flew to Mexico to relax, read, and sleep the day away. I’m currently in heaven barefoot, listening to the ocean, and blogging. I wish this was my every day life!


I also shared some exciting news on the Bacon Bites Facebook page just before the New Year. In case you missed it, Matt and I are expecting our first kiddo in July! Since I’m out of the first trimester woods my energy is stabilizing and I am thrilled to be blogging again. We are so excited and the next six months will be an amazing ride.

So why did we come to Mexico? Well, it seems like an “ah, duh question.” Sunshine, beach, delicious tacos, and…. to visit my mom! She moved north of Puerto Vallarta in 2006, opened her own business, and has been living in paradise ever since. It’s been two years since I visited and this may be the last time before she’s a Grandma, or, if you prefer, Abuela in Spanish.

When I visit my mom there are a few traditions that we have:

  • Tailgating at the airport. Don’t ask why…. just imagine getting off a long flight, blasting Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi, drinking a beer, and eating guacamole before ever leaving the parking lot. We may get strange looks, but who cares! (Of course, this trip I opted out of the cerveza’s and enjoyed the snacks.)
  • Hosting a group of friends. It’s no secret that I love cooking and hosting friends. I am my mother’s daughter after all! There are so many of my mom’s friends that I want to see when I visit, so we like to invite a small number of amigos to the house for drinks, food, and music.

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